Screening study of chemical eor flooding in the Chicontepec field.


'This paper presents a screening study for the application of chemical EOR methods of polymer, surfactant polymer (SP) and alkaline surfactant polymer (ASP) in Chicontepec fields through mechanistically-based simulations using the UTCHEM simulator. A finely-characterized 20 acre five-spot sector model within the lower sands of the Agua Fria field is considered, and numerous chemical flooding sensitivity simulations are conducted based on laboratory data available for similar crude oil and formation properties of Chicontepec oil field. Design parameters such as surfactant and polymer concentrations, surfactant slug size, polymer drive size and concentration, salinity of the polymer drive, polymer and surfactant adsorptions are the sensitivity parameters. Injectivity of these chemical EOR agents is also investigated to assess the operational and economic viability of such EOR projects. The simulations show average incremental oil recovery factor (over waterflood) of about 5%, 18% and 24% OOIP for polymer, SP and ASP; respectively. These incremental recovery figures are slightly lower than the expected results in other fields in the world with moderate reservoir permeability ranges, but still quite attractive for the low permeability Chicontepec field, given the typical performance and consumption of the chemicals. Thus, attractive incremental oil recoveries are possible and hence there is potential for chemical EOR in Chiontepec.

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